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About Us


VaidRoad is a small team based on a small city of Bangladesh called Gaibandha. We have started in the year of 2017 with just 3 guy. We mostly work with web based system, beside that we also give support to our customers with mobile app development.

Main goal of VaidRoad is to work with startups and bring great ideas into existence. Beside that we work for companies or individuals to build portfolio sites, management system or e-commerce system. In our team we have 3+ years experience developers who have tons of experience in working with big companies and teams. Beside our senior team mates we have juniors who are dedicated in their work and have experience of working on all type of system development project.

Beside developing system for customer we also have a small section where we support junior developers. We provide them support Starting from learning basic A, B, C of programming till learning how to manage big project.

VaidRoad always gives 100% priority to it's work quality. Building trust of client on us is one of the main goal of our whole team. That's why we have around 98% success rate so far.