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Terms And Policy

Free Support: For a particular period after ending the project we help to fix issues if their has any or small changes according to our client requirements.
Advance payment: Before starting any project we charge 10% of the whole project price as a assurance from the client. If client want to cancel the project in between this payment is not refundable.
Payment: After finishing every milestone payment we will provide invoices to client if require which can be delivered from our official email account. In future we are planning to make this feature more dynamic via our website.
Project Cancellation: Depending on the contact we make before starting the project we fix cancellation rules from both parties. But nonrefundable 10% advance of the whole project if applicable for all the customer.
Domain And Server: In case the client requires our help in buying domain and server we provide service for them as well. In this case we can only guide the client but client needs to use their own information(email,address, full name).
Pricing: Different project prices should be different. We can only fix the final price after having the first meeting and fixing the requirements fully. Still to have a idea about our basic price range you might have a look in the price section.
Communication Methods: We normally prefer to use skype or hangout for normal chat. For meeting we can use skype, hangout, appear.in or zoom. Also we use teamviewer and anydesk to get remote access on client system if required.
Payment Methods: We mainly prefer Paypal, Credit/Debit card. Still because of client needs we might use global money transaction system like western union, moneygram etc. But for now we don't accept any cryptocurrency like bitcoin.
Unacceptable Project: We don't engage our team with those projects that are unethical, immoral, things that helps to spoil the society. e.g. sites like Porn, Betting etc. So it's better to not contact us for these project.
Footer Credit: In the end of the website(Footer section) we will put credit note as a development partner of the system. If any customer want to hide it he/she/they need/needs to pay 15%-25% extra of the whole project price depending on the project size.
Project owner The company/individual who owns the system, we call them project owner. They are the ones who finalize the requirements and sign all the deeds that are required for the projects.